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Three SEO Tools You Need To Use For Your Website

The right search engine optimization campaign will get your content ranked higher in search results and will make your website easier to find. Creating quality content that is relevant to your audience should be a huge part of your SEO campaign, but you also need to use some of these tools to get better results. If you are looking for more intensive solution, you might want to reach out to a formal SEO company such as search tides

3. Google Keyword Tool

You cannot simply guess which keywords should be used in your content. Google Keyword Tool is an excellent way to get an idea of which words and phrases your target audience is likely to look up. Use this tool to see which keywords are already used by competitors and to keep up with the latest keyword trends.

2. Google Disavow Tool

Google provides you with a number of features available through the Webmaster Tools. You probably know that the links that lead to your content have an impact on how your site ranks. If you notice that some low quality links are hurting your SEO campaign, ask Google not to take these links into consideration by using the Disavow Tool available in the Webmaster Tools.


1. Google Analytics

You can also access detailed analytics for your website via the Google Webmaster Tools. You should check this information on a regular basis to get a better idea of how people find your site, which keywords are the most efficient and which links are the most followed. Use this information to improve your SEO campaign

These three tools will help you gain more control over your search engine optimization campaign. There are plenty of additional tools you can use to optimize your website but you need to make sure the tools you use are up to date and adapted to your unique goals and needs.