How Much Does a Speech Language Pathologist Usually Earn?

A speech-language pathologist is an expert in treating hearing, language and speech difficulties. They use some different diagnostic techniques, and they use technology and evidence-based practices to help people of all ages that are having communication problems – whether that is a young child learning for the first time, or someone who had a stroke struggling to communicate.

Salaries for Speech Language Pathologists can vary, but the median earnings are around $70,000 per year. It is a hard job and one that involves a lot of paperwork which may need to be completed out of hours. There is some flexibility, though. For example, if you can work in schools then you will enjoy having summers off – but the price of that is that during term time you will have a lot of extra work to do on evenings and the weekends. Meanwhile, if you work in hospitals, then you might find that there is a lot more pressure. You will need to be very careful about paperwork and time balance, and the regulations in these environments can be very strict.

Burnout is something that a lot of speech-language pathologists struggle with. If you are passionate about the job, then you may find that you enjoy constantly being on the go, but for a lot of people, it can be a serious challenge, especially if they were not expecting the problems in that sector.

Speech Language Pathologists enjoy very rewarding Jobs, and they deal with people from all walks of life. It’s a challenging job, but it can let you meet people of different ages, with different difficulties, and you get the pleasure of knowing that you have helped them in a very challenging time.

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