Information on New York State A.T.A.P. Certification

The State of New York does not have mandatory training for responsible beverage service. It should be noted however that the State of New York offers a responsible vendor program that is voluntary. This program is called ATAP or the Alcohol Training and Awareness Program. The program is regulated by the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA).

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New York State accepts the online TIPS Alcohol Training certification throughout the state. Both the NYSLA and ATAP have approved the On-Premise TIPS course for restaurants and bars and the Off-Premise TIPS course for grocery and liquor stores. You can sign up online for any of the TIPS classes. Each of the courses will cost you approximately $40.

It is now quite apparent that any New York employer who owns a liquor store, restaurant, or bar will only hire employees who have been New York ATAP certified. This means that if you have a goal of obtaining one of these high paying positions, then it would be advisable to enroll in a responsible alcohol servers training course. In fact, without this type of certification, it is now becoming quite impossible for this kind of position.

The New York State Liquor is also taking into consideration an alcohol training course for any lawsuit liabilities. If a customer decides to do something that they should not do, then this certification could be beneficial for your future safety. Therefore, it is evident that enrolling in an online TIPS alcohol training course is a wise decision that would benefit and enhance your future employment.

The State of New York has alcohol laws that can change at any time. It is important therefore that you investigate any law or regulation changes. Most online training sites will provide you with the most current information about these laws and regulations, but it is your responsibility to consult the regulatory body for the latest updates.